1. "The best form of happiness is revenge."

    You fucked now. All of you.

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  4. π


  5. My Drug Log.

    7:54 ate shrooms 2.5g out of the 8th

    8:19 kinda

    8:27 yeah
    12:00 went to bed
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    Round House on the idyllic Thames Canal

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  7. I can’t wait till your blood spills, RED jr.


  8. मैं, रिचर्ड आप नीचे का शिकार होगा. एक बार में एक परिवार के सदस्य. यहाँ जॉर्जिया में शुरू


  9. I just read this on Bulldawgs Food customer’s recommendation.

    • "This is a solid way for me to order food to be sent to my girlfriend when she wants delivery but doesn’t want to get it. Super cool website."

    Sounds like you have a lazy ass girlfriend who can’t order her own food online. 

  10. wetheurban:

    DESIGN: inFORM by Tangible Media Group

    It’s still impossible to be in two places at once, unless you’ve got one of these gadgets lying around!

    The InForm is a dynamic shape display from MIT’s Tangible Media Group. It turns 3D data into crude, physical representations in real time.

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